October 7, 2019

What Remains

After the Light has Gone

By In Accessories, Photography Poses & Props

“I think perhaps I will always hold a candle for you –

even until it burns my hand.

And when the light has long since gone ….

I will be there in the darkness

holding what remains,

quite simply because I cannot let go.”

― Ranata Suzuki


Bandages || Patient Bandages by CURELESS
Cuffs || Barbedwire Cuffs by CURELESS+HEADACHE
Wings || Ascendant Wings by Spider Productions
Hair || Editorial/Bent Over Hair by Tableau Vivant
Heart || Bloody Heart (in hands) by Sorumin
Clock || September Old Clock by Ariskea

Pose || AP Babylon 3 by Ana Poses

Set || Graveyard Grim by PANDEMONIUM

(Scene inspired by Nathalia Suellen)

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